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The most fun you can have on skates.

Jan 26th-28th, Gold Coast
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Expert coaching thats just right for your skill level.

Classes tailored to your level ✓
You decide what your ready for ✓
Challenge bouts to suit every skater ✓
Build your own class itenerary ✓

Expert coaching thats just right for your skill level.

Classes tailored to your level ✓
You decide what your ready for ✓
Challenge bouts to suit every skater ✓
Build your own class itenerary ✓

Games you will remember forever.

Play with your derby idols ✓
Open scrimmage every day ✓
Challenge bouts every night ✓
Team up with friends old and new ✓

More than just roller derby.

Festival activities ✓
Yoga and fitness classes ✓
Off skates seminars ✓

Games you will remember forever.

Play with & against your derby idols ✓
Open scrimmage every day ✓
Challenge bouts every night ✓
Team up with friends old & new ✓

More than just Roller Derby.

Festival activities ✓
Yoga & fitness classes ✓
Off skates seminars ✓

Learn with the best.
Your coaches.

Falcon Punch

Montreal Roller Derby/Team Canada

About Falcon Punch

Falcon Punch started Roller Derby in Montreal in 2011 and has been part of Montreal’s A-Team, The New Skids on the Block, since 2015. She was a skater for Team France during the 2014 B&T World Cup in Dallas and represented Canada at the 2018 Roller Derby World Cup in Manchester. She’s been a jammer since day one but loves working on blocking to become more versatile (and because it’s so much fun).

Her sports background is quite diverse and totally unrelated to roller sports or team sports. Falcon practiced gymnastics, horseback riding, snowboarding and Muay Thai. “Roller Derby was my first experience at a team sport, and it changed my life. Not only does it include all the things that I love in sports (strategy, agility, flexibility, strength, and aggressiveness) but it also gave me the opportunity to travel and meet some of the most incredible people I know”.

K. Woodward

Arch Rival Roller Derby

About Woodward

In 2010 I got lost in a new town and found a sign that said “roller derby here” at a little skate rink in the middle of Springfield, MO. I was living a sedentary and unhealthy lifestyle, suffered from insomnia, anxiety, and depression and had little/no naturally athletic talent and 0 skating experience. It took me over a year to pass my MSTs (when it was still only 25!) and started playing for Springfield RollerGirls who were newly WFTDA and played my first game in 2012.

Fast forward a year, and the girl who was afraid to crossover moved to St Louis and joined Arch Rival, and made the All Star team in July 2013. Since then, I’ve played in every All Star game. In 2013 I played in my first ever tournament, WFTDA playoffs. In 2015, I played in the last jam against Rocky Mountain to make Arch history and place 3rd to advance to champs. In 2016, we did it again, and then again in 2017 – each year placing higher and higher. I’ve put countless hours (years, sweat, tears & toe nails) with Arch leaping from lower #20s rankings to current #5. On the track, I tend to be hardwired for sticky defense with situational offense, and am a key role in communication during gameplay. I’ve gotten the privilege to be on Team Missouri, coach the Gatekeepers “Central West Friends”, be a 3 year sponsored skater for Roller Derby Elite, advance from playoffs to champs for 3 years in a row; dab my helmet off in the WFTDA tv, and am a current member Board and coaching committee for Arch Rival (and pretty much all the others…) and coach clinics and share the track with so many amazing and talented athletes.

As a skater, I love using my frame in my favour as both a blocker and jammer (2016 I even jammed at champs in the actual rotation!) and find beauty in training all body types in making it their size their strength! As an “unnatural” athlete, I love helping newer and struggling skaters to unlock their potential on new things. My goal is to make derby fun for all, and finding a space to leave your anxiety and dark clouds behind, which can be hard in such a physically demanding sport where you literally get knocked down.

+ More coaches still to be announced.
Happy skaters.
Kerryn McInnes
“Amazing as always. Coaches were not only helpful but friendly, I learnt so much and the games are always a 10 / 10 to watch! Loved it.”
thumb_03_60_60Ally IronStein
“Best weekend of my life!!!! I learned so much and cheered so hard my voice is horse!!!!”
thumb_04_60_60Ken York
“The level of coaching this year was amazing, and the improvement in just 3 days to not only our skills but our knowledge will be the greatest asset that our club will have…”
“Such a phenomenal resource for development whatever position you play, and the superstar coaches are so down-to-earth and obliging. Big love!”
Watch the 2017 event recap.
January 26-28
Runaway Bay Indoor Sports
Gold Coast, Australia
Your roller derby holiday.

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Derby Fest

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Be a part of Derby Fest 2018.


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