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Here at DerbyFest HQ potential participants often ask us, ‘am I ready for DerbyFest?’ and almost every time the answer is ‘absolutely!’ DerbyFest is an inclusive event that has something for everyone, so if you are worried about coming along for the first time, you can start by asking yourself, ‘am I ready to improve?’ If your answer is yes, then there is definitely something suited to you. I know you are probably thinking, ‘I don’t want my idols to see me fall on my butt’ but at DerbyFest everyone, even the best skaters, fall down from time to time.

The best coaches will tell you that if you aren’t falling, you aren’t going to get better! Failing is the first step on the way to success and becoming the best skater you can be. We are most interested in helping you achieve your goals, and have tailored different activities to different levels to ensure your safety while participating.

DerbyFest isn’t just for those who are aiming for the highest level of competition. With Fresh Meat, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced classes, there is enough variety to ensure you will be able to skate with those of a similar skill level and get something out of each class or activity you take part in. If you are just starting out DerbyFest will help you learn skating fundamentals. Beginner sessions are suited to those who are ready for contact on skates and at the beginning of their roller derby journey, because everyone, including the coaches, had to start somewhere! Don’t forget spectator access to all other classes, off skate seminars and access to watch or if your feeling ready skate in the challenge bouts, its great value for three days of fun.

Above all else, DerbyFest is about bringing the roller derby community together. Some of the best learning and experiences happen between participants off the track. As the only event of its kind in the southern hemisphere, DerbyFest is a chance to connect with those involved in roller derby in all different capacities across the country (and sometimes even the globe!) There is no other event or sport where you can rub shoulders with world champions, have a chance to play them on track, or cheer from the sidelines as they take on your friends. Not to mention, exchange notes and learn from those involved with other leagues.

So, if you are involved in roller derby in any shape or form, then DerbyFest is definitely for you! Come and see for yourself!

Photo © Richard Tompsett