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The answers to all your Derby Fest 2016 questions.

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Skill Levels

Will classes be offered for all skill levels?


Absolutely. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Elite classes run throughout each day and Junior (Under 18) classes are offered for 1.5 hours each morning. There are also classes for freshmeat skaters with no contact for 1.5 hours each day.

What skill level am I?


Junior: Under 18 classes that are scaled by the coaches to cater for all Junior participants. (1.5 hours per day) You will need to be contact and scrimmage ready.
Fresh Meat: Learning to skate non-contact. Freshmeat skaters are learning to stride confidently on skates and stop freshmeat skaters are not yet ready for contact. (1.5 hours per day)
Beginner: A beginner skater that has been cleared to learn and participate in contact skills and therefore is a safe skater. You are just learning how to hit and take a hit and are just starting to understand the game of roller derby. You may or may not be bouting.
Intermediate: An intermediate skater that has had bouting or scrimming experience for less than 3 years. You are may be on your clubs home team or representative team. You understand the rules and most common strategies. You can complete WFTDA minimum skills.
Advanced: An Advanced skater that is currently a bouting skater and skating on your clubs representative team. You have been bouting for over 3 years. It is likely you have skated in tournaments and you are comfortable training at high intensity and contact level for extended periods. You know and can execute strategy and understand the rules comprehensively.
Elite: A skater with many years experience on your leagues representative team. You will comfortable with all advanced skating techniques.You will be able to train at very high intensity. Classes for this group will be designed to challenge the most advanced skaters.
All: Classes will be offered for ‘All” Begginer-Elite skill levels to enjoy. We understand there is exception to the above guidelines. Self assessing can be challenging.  Skaters who purchase a Skaters Pass will be totally free to move between skill levels and choose what difficulty is right for your learning at the event.


Can I be a skating participant if I am not ready for contact?


Yes you can attend our special Freshmeat program 1,5hrs on skates each day and as a spectator to Derby Fest. You will still have access to all the information, festival activities, gear stalls, food and more on offer.

Can I participate in adult classes if im 16 or over?

Unfortunately not. The adult program is only for skaters over 18. This includes ramp and jam skating.

What does a junior ticket include?

Junior tickets include access to the junior program which is one 1.5hr class each day as well as the junior challenge bout (Places are limited) Juniors will need to be contact and scrimmage ready to participate.


What ticket is right for me?

Skater Pass The main Derby Fest ticket. This ticket is for skaters who are cleared for contact and can skate and stop confidently. You may or may not have had your first bout but you will be comfortable participating in full contact drills at your level. Classes will be given for ‘Beginner’, ‘Intermediate’ ‘Advanced’ ‘Elite’ and ‘All’ levels at the event. This ticket will also allow participation in all training, evening challenge bouts (places are limited), ramp skating classes, scrimmage, off skates seminars and access to festival stalls and activities for all 3 days.

Fresh Meat This ticket is a special program for skaters who are not yet contact ready and are still learning how to skate and stop confidently, it will include lots of skating fundamentals and some light contact in one 1.5hr session each day. All off skates seminars included for all 3 days.

Junior Our junior program is for ages 7-17 but skaters will need to be comfortable with full contact drills and scrimmage ready. Junior ticket holders will be eligible for the Junior bout if they are insured to bout at Derby Fest (places limited). Juniors also have access to all off skates seminars for all 3 days and the ticket includes a free spectator pass for a parent or guardian who will need to be with them at all times.

Spectator Spectators can attend on track (off skates) in the middle of every class and take notes, they are also welcome to attend all off skates seminars, enjoy the festival stalls and watch the evening games for all 3 days.

What does a spectator pass entitle me to do?

You can enjoy the whole event without actually skating, you can attend coaches chats, observe coaching sessions, scrimmages and bouts. You can also take notes and watch training sessions from the middle of the Derby track and see the evening games.

Can I buy a ticket for one day only?

One day tickets may be offered after December 31 2016, if we have not sold out of three day skaters passes by then. However we expect to sell out of all skaters passes prior to that date as we are limiting skater numbers. If this is the case we may not be able to offer 1 day passes.

What is your refund policy?

All ticket sales are final no refunds will be offered for change in personal circumstances, change of mind for any reason or no shows. See our full Terms and Conditions for more detail

What about ticket transfers?

Ticket transfers are possible for Early Bird and all regular tickets for a fee of $55 (inc GST) before January 01/2017. Ticket transfers are NOT POSSIBLE for Super Early Bird Tickets or any regular ticket after January 01/2017. Derby Fest reserves the right to refuse transfers at its sole discretion. To apply for a transfer contact Derby Fest at to arrange payment of the transfer fee.

Registration & Queues

How early should I arrive to register? Is there a big queue?
Registration opens on the Saturday morning from 7:30am for adults on Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and earlier for juniors (with details in your confirmation emails). If you want to participate in the 8am class we recommend you arrive at this time. The queue is large but moves quickly with an adept crew of volunteers and we will do everything we can to get you in on time. To avoid disappointment there is pre-registration on Friday afternoon before from 4-6pm at the venue to allow easy access to Saturday morning classes.
How do I make sure I get into the classes I want to go to? How do track queues work?
The queues for each class open 45 minutes prior to the scheduled start time and each class is limited to 40 participants. There is no other form of registration as we have found this to be the fairest way to operate based on the changing needs of participants each day. Once the class has started no late comers will be admitted. Due to the limited number of tickets sold and the amazing array of things happening across three tracks, it is rare for participants to miss out on a class. It is sometimes possible to attend a class and still make it into the back-to-back next class. However, if you want to guarantee a spot we recommend joining the queue as early as possible.
What do I need to bring on the day?
You will need to bring your ticket, photo ID, black and white shirts if you plan to participate in contact classes, your gear and water bottle. Food and drink is available to purchase on site, as well as a selection of derby gear from various suppliers if you leave something at home.

Insurance Information

Will Skate Victoria insurance cover me?

Skate Victoria will provide insurance coverage if you are only participating in Roller Derby activities.  Skate Victoria does not cover ramp and jam skating. Skate Victoria will not provide coverage for Roller Derby if you are participating in jam skating and ramp. You will need to arrange one event insurance to cover you for the all skating disciplines.

Will Skate Australia insurance cover me?

Yes provided your cover is for a full bouting skater and up to date.

Will other insurance provider cover me at Derby Fest?

If you are currently insured through another insurer and are participating in Derby Fest you will need to check that your insurance covers you to attend the event, and bring documentation stating you are covered to skate with and against non-members of your league/insurance provider. If not you will need to purchase event cover.

Will event cover be available?

Yes temporary cover can be arranged for $25 for the whole event through Derby Fest and Skate Australia providing you are cleared for contact, you can do this when you register at the event. This will cover Derby, Ramp & Jam skating.

Information for Juniors and Parents

Why should my child attend derby fest?
Derby Fest is the biggest event in the Southern Hemisphere that caters for junior skaters. Classes are specifically structured for juniors to help them along their roller derby journey. Not only will they get to interact with peers from other leagues, but they will also be taught by some of the best coaches in the world!
Is the event safe and monitored?
Yes, only those with an event ticket are permitted to the venue and there is security on site. However, a parent or guardian is included with a junior and should supervise them from the side of the track while they participate, and as they spectate the remainder of the day.
What classes are offered for junior skaters?

At the beginning of each day a special 1.5 hour class is offered for juniors, who must be accompanied by an adult. The junior’s ticket allows access every day to junior classes and as a spectator for the whole of the event, every day for both junior and guardian. The junior ticket does not include access to ramp skating or jam skating this year.

Who are the junior coaches?
The junior coaches will be announced over the coming months and are drawn from the pool of event coaches.

Local Area Information

Where is Runaway Bay Indoor Sports?

1 Sports Drive , Runaway Bay QLD 4216. The centre is located on the Gold Coast. The centre is NOT the Gold Coast Sports Super Centre but the centre up the road slightly.

How do I get to Derby Fest by air?

Gold Coast Airport is the closest to the venue. You can also catch a train to the Gold Coast direct from Brisbane Airport.

How do I get to and from the venue?
The easiest way to access the venue is by car. There is free parking on site. The venue is also a 15-minute walk from Morayfield station. You can check out all public transport information here:
What is the weather like?
The weather in QLD during summer is hot. It can reach above 30 degrees Celsius, so there are plenty of excuses to visit some of the stunning nearby beaches. Rain can also be frequent over this time so we recommend packing for all weather.
What are some nearby hotels?

The Gold Cost is full of accommodation to suit all budgets. One option is to choose on site Accommodation for Derby Fest participants which is walking distance to the venue.

Are there food and shopping centres nearby?

Yes, Runaway Bay Shopping Village is close to the venue. Harbour Town is also close by. Both have food, supermarkets and a full range of services.

What other activities are there to do in the region?
South East QLD has plenty on offer depending on how much time you have. You could venture to the Sunshine Coast and visit some of the stunning beaches, spend a day at Australia Zoo or visit Montville and Maleny in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. If you are heading to Brisbane you can do some shopping in Queen St and Fortitude Valley, visit the Gallery of Modern Art and State Gallery in Southbank or hit the town for some nightlife. If you would like to travel further afield, you could visit the Gold Coast, Mt Tamborine and much much more. Check out the below link for some of what the region has to offer or ask our friendly local participants for some tips!

Derbyfest Activities

What challenge bouts will there be this year?
We are still finalising the challenge bouts for this year, so stay tuned to our facebook page for more information!
How do I get involved in challenge bouts?
Challenge Bout registration will be done via the website closer to the event. Keep an eye on your emails for when challenge bout registration opens.
So other than skating, what happens at Derby Fest?
The same thing that happens whenever you bring a big subsection of the derby community together: bucket loads of fun! There are opportunities to meet with leagues and friends from all over Australia and even the world. This year we will be including more social options so that you can unwind between all your hard work on the track.
I heard there is going to be a cool down zone, is this true?
Yes! There will be a designated place to cool off this year. We can’t wait to launch it!
Did you say themed days!? What are they?
It wouldn’t be a good derby event without some good old fashion theme dress ups. This year Saturday will be renamed Cat-a-day with a celebration of all things CATS! The Monday will also celebrate Australia Day with all things Australian themed. If that’s not enough, there will be themed challenge bouts in the evening and a dedicated dress up corner.
Is there ramp skating again this year?
Yes! This year will see a ramp and some of the best ramp coaches around. We are also investigating the possibility of a ramp only pass for those who want to hone these skills specifically.  

About Derbyfest

Who is Derby Fest?
Derby Fest is a registered family business that seeks to bring quality derby coaching to the Australian Roller Derby community. The idea is to provide a space for coaches and skaters to participate, share knowledge and practice the sport of roller derby together. Derby Fest is not in any way affiliated with any Roller Derby League.
What makes up the ticket cost?
First of all we understand how expensive this sport is and recognise people’s need to understand its cost. We believe Derby Fest is a very reasonably priced event, given the experiences on offer: Coaching from 6 overseas and interstate coaches, evening challenge bouts, off skates seminars and derby stalls will all be available from 8am to 10pm for three days. When you break it down to a daily boot camp fee for the experienced, skilled coaches that will be there and you take advantage of super-early-bird pricing, you are getting great value. Derby Fest is a family business and just like any music festival or any other kind of event or expo, we take a significant financial risk and bear many up front costs to bring it to you. It takes a great deal of time, experience and expertise to run a large event well. We will provide quality derby educators and a space for you and your team mates to improve your game and hopefully have a once in a lifetime fun derby experience.

Venue Information

What is the floor like?
The floor is a wooden basketball court floor that has been known to be very sticky/grippy in the past, but please bring a selection of wheels.
Do I need knee pad covers?
To maintain a good relationship with the venue we insist that you cover your kneepads with teflon tape or your own knee pad covers. Teflon is included in the ticket price if your kneepads are not already covered.
Is there food on site?
Yes, there is a fully equipped canteen on site, and we will also be bringing food vendors that have healthy and dietary specific options.
Are there ATM facilities?
No, however the stallholders and selected food outlets have ATM facilities. There are also ATM’s available within a short driving distance.
Are there shower facilities?
Yes, there are limited showers on site, but we can’t guarantee hot water You will also need to bring your own toiletries and possibly prepare to queue.

Upgrade Information

What are queue jump passes?

This year each queue will allow a limited number of queue jump pass holders first entry to classes. Passes are single use apart from the express pass which can be used all 3 days only 10 of these will be sold.

What is the VIP upgrade

The VIP upgrade will include an exclusive VIP bout tank to be picked up at the event. Express event registration. A guaranteed place on challenge bout team VIP provided you are bout ready and insured as well as one free queue jump pass each day.

What is the merch upgrade?

Get an exclusive event t-shirt only available to pre sale orders. Save $5 and pick up at the event.