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Wow. Now that Champs is over it is a great time to sit back and revel in the fact that Australian derby is officially the best derby in the WORLD! With the Hydra safely housed in Melbourne, we couldn’t be more excited to start gearing up for next season. And what a start to the season DerbyFest is going to be. Most of our coaches played their butts off in Philadelphia, others have been shining in their home teams, nationals and worlds, and in case you missed the action, here is why you want to be in their classes!

Sarah Gathier, Rose City Rollers
If you are wondering how to be the pack mother, then Sarah is the woman to teach you. She is not only able to perform as an individual, but she takes charge in the pack to direct the play from within.

Danni Darko, Victorian Roller Derby League
You know those moments when you are happily owning the jammer and an offensive player hits at that perfectly timed moment to send you spiraling off the track? Well, if you are playing against VRDL, that player is Danni, and she is the perfect coach to teach you how to read the game and nail your offence.


Brickyard, Minnesota Roller Girls
As the game evolves, jamming is more and more physically challenging. Get on the track for Brickyard’s classes to learn from her years of experience and get the inside tips on her powerful jamming style.

 Anita Riot, Dallas Derby Devils
Do you consider yourself an all-rounder? In our opinion, Anita is one of the most versatile players in the game today and she is able to have such success because of her incredible skate skill. Her skating knowledge will help you get back to basics and revisit the foundations to improve your overall game.

Lady Trample, Victorian Roller Derby League
Tournament MVP. Do we need to say more? From those spins down the line, to the seemingly impossible gaps she takes on her toestops, Trample’s game has gone from strength to strength and only she can give you the insights into her unique jamming style.



Synaptic Kid, The Scartel BCR/Wizards of Aus
Synaptic Kid is not the biggest skater on the track, but he is often the most effective. He can teach you how to use what you have to be the most proficient skater you can be, not to mention his coaching style is known for bringing out the best in his skaters.

 Bicepsual and Bianca Sciaretta, Victorian Roller Derby League
Back by popular demand, there is no other pair that can partner block like these two, and consistently their classes are packed out at DerbyFest. Grab your blocking buddy and find out just how their two walls shut down even the most effective jammers.
What do our coaches have to offer? So much! With more coaching announcements still to come, there is definitely something for all levels and skating styles, and classes that will keep Australian derby growing and striving to keep its place at the top.

See you there!

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